Make a Plan to VOTE!

Election Day is coming up fast on Tuesday, November 7th! Do not wait to make a voting plan!

The Right Choice for the New 62

Expanding Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a right. No one should have to choose between their family’s health and financial welfare.
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Increasing Economic Opportunity

People in our community should have a wide variety of opportunities to work, allowing their family to succeed and thrive.
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Protecting Reproductive Rights

Each of us should be able to make decisions about our own health and future with dignity and respect.
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Families should be empowered and set up for economic success as they and their children find the best path for educational success.
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Sara's Priorities for Virginia

People do not live one issue at a time. Our elected leaders should understand that where you go to school, whether you can find a job, and what kind of healthcare you have are all related to one another. I believe government can play a powerful role in helping empower people to achieve their family’s goals across many areas.

Meet Sara

Sara has decades of experience in advocacy, both personal and professional, and wants to put them to work for the good people of the 62nd district as your representative in the House of Delegates. She is deeply committed to our community and will fight to make sure your government is working for YOU.

Discover The New 62

The Virginia House of Delegates’ new 62nd District includes Greene and Madison counties as well as a large portion of Culpeper county, and the Western half of Orange county.