About the 62nd District

What's New in HD-62?

The district lines have shifted, and there is a new 62nd District. Learn whether you’re in the new District 62 and what voting precinct you are in.

The New 62 and You

The Virginia House of Delegates new 62nd District includes Greene and Madison counties as well as a large portion of Culpeper county, and the Western half of Orange county. Check if you are in Virginia’s 62nd district here.

Find Your Precinct

All Greene County Precincts (6/6)
All Madison County Precincts (9/9)
Culpeper County Precincts (10/15)
Orange County Precincts (6/12)

Explore HD-62

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Voter Resources

Register or Update Information

Registering to vote in Virginia is easy, but does require that an individual meet certain requirements. Already registered but need to update or change your voter information? All of this can be done online with the Virginia Department of Elections.

Request an Absentee Ballot

Virginia residents are able to vote via absentee ballot by filling out an application to do so. After submitting an application, voters are able to see if their absentee application was received, and whether their ballot was sent and received.

Have Other Questions?

The Virginia Department of Elections’ website offers several types of resources, including a comprehensive Q&A page covering everything from polling hours, polling locations, voter eligibility, and documents voters are required to show when voting in person.




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